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Emergencies don’t come with a warning. It is prudent to take sufficient insurance cover. Insurance protects you, your family, your business and your investments against financial loss. And having an adequate insurance cover is the first step in financial planning.

• Multiple partners
Sai FinWin has partnered with the leading insurers in the country to cater to all your insurance needs.
• Deep understanding
A legacy in financial products has helped us gain a deep understanding about the needs and importance of insurance in one’s life. We leverage this understanding to help you choose an insurance plan that is best suited for your needs.
• Customer friendly
You are the priority at Sai FinWin. With a network of branches and a dedicated customer support team, every issue is promptly solved.

Something as critical as insurance requires credibility. At Sai FinWin, our certified employees suggest the ideal and most suited insurance plans considering your objectives, obligations and risk profile.
Life insurance
There are plenty of risks to the life of an individual. None of them can be eliminated, but the impact caused by them can be managed. These days Life insurance has become a necessity for ensuring family’s financial stability. The payout from life insurance in the event of an uncertainty acts as a financial cushion for your family, in your absence and ensures all the life goals are met. It also helps to secure children’s future and protects the family against loan burden, if any. Tax benefits: Life insurance premiums paid during the year are eligible for tax deduction up to a certain limit. The payout or the maturity proceeds (as the case may be) are tax-exempt as well.
Health insurance
With the cost of medical services rising steadily, getting quality treatment can burn a hole in your pocket. Health insurance helps you manage the expenses incurred in the event of a health emergency. Tax Benefits: Health insurance premium paid for self and/or parents qualifies for tax deduction which can bring down your tax liability.
General Insurance
It requires a lifetime to acquire material assets and belongings. A small incident is enough to damage your priced possessions. General insurance helps you get the monetary compensation in case your possessions get lost, stolen or damaged. The most prominent general insurance plans include Motor / Vehicle, Home insurance, Travel insurance, etc. Reduces Stress and brings Peace of mind Having insurance brings a sense of protection from the risks of financial adversities, brings peace of mind and reduces stress during such times.