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Sai FinWin is a leading online Trading Company providing high end services in Online Trading and Training to its valuable customers. The company has been incorporated in the year 2014 and we have been providing unrestricted state of the art services to all categories of customers ever since. We have a solid working experience and understanding of corporate companies and how the Customer Service chain breaks in corporate companies due to transmission from one another. Sai FinWin E-Trade has been incorporated with the very purpose of winning back those customers and also to acquire new customers. At Sai FinWin we maintain a very close working relationship with our valuable clients and enthusiastically provide our reliable services and immediate attention to our valuable clients as per their requirement.

The simplest way to start your investment journey

• Ownership
Equity investment gives proportional ownership of the company. Ownership also gives the right to vote.
• Dividend Income
Some companies declare regular dividends, which can act as a source of income for investors.
• Liquidity
Equity investments are highly liquid. Shares can be sold or bought easily through the stock exchanges.

Whether you are an intraday trader or a long term investor, you will need advanced, feature-rich
trading and investment platform. Sai FinWin, with quality research reports, trusted advisory service
and seamless trading products is just what you need! With Sai FinWin, you can access all major market
segments like intraday, cash, BTST and MFT.

The simplest way to start your investment journey

• Ease of access
Sai FinWin’s helps you seamlessly trade across segments, through a smartphone, desktop or tablet.
• Advisory Services
Achieve your financial goals with a helping hand from Sai FinWin’s proven advisory services. Get access to in-depth research reports and recommendation from Sai FinWin as well as from third parties.
• Analytics Support
Sai FinWin’s advanced trading platforms offer cutting edge charting tools and analytics.