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Derivatives Services

Futures and Options are two common derivatives used to mitigate the risk of investments in the spot
market. Both futures and options derive their value from an underlying asset and are hence known as
derivatives. Futures are standardised contracts that allow you to buy an asset at a pre-determined
price on a future date. Options give you the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an asset on a
future date a pre-decided price.

The value of derivatives trade is significantly higher than the value of securities traded in the spot
market. Standardised contracts that can be traded through exchanges have made derivatives a
compelling investment option.

• Hedging
Derivatives contracts are primarily used to hedge the risk of investing in the underlying
Physical Settlement
As per the latest rules, derivatives contracts can be converted to physical settlement.
Price Discovery
The price of derivatives contracts help in determining the price of the underlying asset


Multiple Platforms
With Sai FinWin, you do not have to worry about futures or options, we facilitate trade in a
host of derivative products through multiple platforms.
• In-depth Research
Ascertaining the value of derivatives contracts can be slightly difficult. Sai FinWin’s in-depth
research makes investing in derivatives simple.
• Convenience
Paperless registration and online KYC facilitate instant investing.