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Commodity Services

Commodity trading facilitates the buying and selling of various commodities. The most commonly traded items are precious metal, base metal, energy and agro-based commodities. These commodities can be bought and sold, just like you trade in equity/shares through the commodity exchanges.

A commodity market facilitates trading in various commodities. The two types of markets in India are
Spot market and Futures market. In Spot markets, the commodity trade happens immediately, in
exchange for cash or other commodities. In Futures markets, buyers and sellers trade a predetermined
amount of a commodity at a specific price on a specific date in the future.

• Diversification
Commodity prices do not move in tandem with the prices of other assets like stocks and
bonds, providing an efficient tool for diversification.
• Hedge Against Inflation
The price of commodities rises in the phase of high inflation, protecting the value of your
• Transparency
The price of most commodities is affected by international factors, making them less prone to

Sai FinWin presence and experienced staff for delivery and settlement process simplify the commodity
investing experience. We are a trading-cum-clearing member of all major commodity exchanges of
India. Sai FinWin also offers all commodity-related services ranging from arbitrage and hedging
services to broking.
• Research Team
Sai FinWin’s dedicated research team provides you with well-rounded information to help you
make informed decisions.
• Sophisticated Trading Platforms
Sai FinWin has developed sophisticated trading platforms to cater to the needs of all strata of
• Prompt Support
Our online and offline support teams provide prompt solutions for all your issues.